Michael is an artist based in Hackney, born and bred in London. He studied for his BA Mixed Media Art at University of Westminster and MA Photography at London College of Communication.

Constantly developing as an artist with photography at the core of his practice. He uses photography as a creative tool, to record and construct images and articulate ideas through making work. His philosophy is to research and experiment within our culture trying to bring out new meanings and subverting previous ones. His work is concerned with issue based material, the focus has become the body as point of reference. Exploring avenues of the internal, the personal and identity.

Michael is interested in the outsider figure in society or rather the ones that do not conform to societies rules. An individual who is considered an outsider is defined as such by living a lifestyle or representing a race or culture that is considered by those in power to be outside the established order, particularly someone who ignores or challenges social norms.

He is currently building on a body of work and book with a contemporary style and edge that would hopefully suit the modern day life style with its media saturated social media content. His own personal history and lifestyle having been involved in and around music, art and club culture has fueled his work, style and aesthetic.

Ultimately Michael’s language is the photographic print and has contributed to various group shows, magazines and publications - The ICA, Rough Trade Records, NME, Free Range and the Hackney Wicked to name a few.

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