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New Apostle Gallery About

Originally conceived by artist David Hollier in the beautiful and historic Cotswold Hills, close to Cheltenham Spa and at the centre of a thriving British art scene. Prominent British artists such as Damien Hirst have sought inspiration in this tranquil and picturesque area, and there are many artists' studios established in the locality. 30 minute drive away is Bristol, arguably England's second most important city and home to the world-renowned street artist Banksy.

In 2015 New Apostle Gallery opened it US branch in the heart of New York's trendiest neighborhood, Bushwick, Brooklyn, as a collective of artists with backgrounds in various mediums that together highlight, question and challenge societal norms. For New Apostle Gallery artists, art has been their main vocation and foremost passion as their art conveys their individual life missions. Their expressive works immediately set a tone and challenge the viewer to receive the inherent message. In 2019 the gallery moved it headquarters to Mount Vernon, New York, in order to be closer to it’s growing list of Westchester customers.

New Apostle Gallery is dedicated to Pop-Up exhibitions, Art Fairs, collaborations and online campaigns for the sale the artwork by David Hollier, Frank Hyder, ELLE, Haley Hughes, Demelza Toy Toy, Michael Yee Chong, Tara Clayton and all other artists associated with the gallery.

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With a message to convey, each of New Apostle Gallery’s artists utilize various mediums to deliver it. Committing to their creative outlets as modes to challenge societal norms, our artists are all vocational and creative practitioners, each using their individual skills to inspire the audience to self reflect and view the world around them through a different lens